DMSS™ LEO Satellite Endpoint System On Chip (SoC)

ORC3990 – LEO Satellite Endpoint SoC for use in Totum’s DMSS™ Network

  • Low Power Sensor-to-Satellite (LP-S2S) SoC in ISM band
  • Integrated RF Transceiver, PA, ARM CPUs, and memories
  • DMSS™ modem technology best doppler performance
  • Extreme link budget enables indoor signal coverage
  • Advanced power management supports 10+ year battery life
  • Industrial temperature range -40 - +85°C

DMSS – Smart IoT Connectivity Anywhere

2.4 GHz LEO Satellite Coverage

LEO satellite network with global coverage

Indoor Reach

Excellent link budget performance

Location Fixes to 20m

No additional GNSS chips needed

Game-Changing TCO

Competitive solution cost to terrestrial IoT

10+ Years Battery Life

SoC in 22nm with advanced power management design

Compact Size & No-Fuss Positioning

Business card size & Mounts in any orientation

ORC3990 Satellite IoT Endpoint Reference Module