Wi-Fi 802.11ah RF Transceiver

  • Ultra-Low Power
  • Digital RF
  • Optimized SoC Integration
  • IoT
  • Sampling Q3 2019

  • Digital
    Wi-Fi transceiver
Orca Systems
Product Description

Orca’s digital ultra-low power ORC8050 Wi-Fi 802.11ah transceiver is designed for small, low-power, extended range IoT and M2M devices.

ORC8050 Key features:
  • Patented and groundbreaking Orca Live Wireless RF™ digital radio technology
  • Supports worldwide bands, including sub-1GHz bands
  • Exceptional power efficiency
  • Optimized for system-on-chip (SoC) integration
  • Fast time to market with standard CMOS fabrication and standard interfaces

The Orca Live Wireless RF™ ORC8050 transceiver is designed to support up to the maximum 802.11ah bandwidth of 16MHz, and supports worldwide 802.11ah frequency bands. The ORC8050 is especially well suited to long range and low-power battery powered Wi-Fi applications.

Product Availability
  • IP Core
  • Known Good Die
  • Packaged IC
Orca seeks initial long-range, low-power Wi-Fi partner to kick-off development.

Contact us to become an early partner for the next generation of Wi-Fi for IoT and achieve best-in-class power consumption and size!

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